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NEW Examination Pattern: – For Under – Graduate students, the University of Mumbai has implemented credit based semester system from 2011-12. Taking into consideration the global and the local needs, the university has taken a decision in the academic council and subsequently in the Management Council to implement credit based semester system as per the directives of the UGC.

The Credit Point Semester system is globally recognized as the proper method of evaluation because: –

  1. It is a learner centric education system.
  2. It offers horizontal as well as vertical mobility to the student.
  3. The workload estimated is based on the investment of time in learning and not in teaching
  4. It gives more flexibility to the students allowing them to choose interdisciplinary courses
  5. It provides access to our students to any institution across the globe for further studies.


Some important features of the credit based semester system are as follows –

Since 2016-17, the evaluation pattern of First Year B.A. and B.Com. is as follows:

  • The course is divided into two separate semesters at each year.
  • There is only external examination of 100 marks.
  • Passing criterion is 40% (in each component separately, wherever applicable)
  • Examinations and results will be declared at the end of each semester.
  • Award of the degree will be based on cumulative performance at each of the six semesters.
  • For detailed information refer (refer circular no. UG/15 of 2016 dated 15.06.2016)

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